2013-08-09 10:42:33
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InGame Achievements Opinion

Hi, after i play'ed Casus Belli for like 5 days i think'ed of something that can change some of the gameplay,and its...achievements!Or trophy's how do you wanna call it...Because some gamers wont like this game for 2 reasons...Its repetitive quite alot..Everything includes fights or mining and there its no objective at all.. There are some misions when you first play the game with the corvette but that isnt enough (for me at least) So i made a personal list of some of the achievements ive think of for this game, hope you like ;).

Universal Achievements:
Everything has a start-10 units killed->1000silver
MULTI KILL!!!-50 units killed->2000silver
Soo many enemy's!-100 units killed->5000silver
What have i become-500 units killed->10ksilver
Mining Time-5000 ores collected->1000silver
Rocky-10000 ores collected->2000silver
100.000.000 DMG!-Self explanatory->100ksilver
Crafting needs-20000 ores collected->10ksilver
Research needs to be done-10 items reseached->2000 silver
New Ship!-Buy a frigate->10ksilver
Even bigger ship!-Buy a destroyer->50ksilver
It can be greater than this?-Buy a
New Places-Explore Mars,Moon,Jupiter orbit's
How did i survive...-Revience kinect,laser,explosion,artillery damage in 1 life->100ksilver
Engineer-Repair your ship 5 times->50ksilver
Wrong Target-Destroy 5 allies->10ksilver
Warzone-Destroy 25 allies-50ksilver
Equal-Mine at least 1k of each ore in 1 life
Tutorial...Done!-Complete 5 quests->10ksilver
Know my target-destroy at least 1 of each class A-B-C
Nice..Very nice...-Have 100k silver->10ksilver
Achievement Hunter 1/2/3->10achievements-25achievements-50achievements
Nemesis-Get 5 revenge kills(kill an enemy that killed you)-10ksilver

Corvette Achievements:
Serious Business-5 New Corvette Weapons->2000silver
What i should use...-10 New Corvette Weapons->5000silver
Hyper Speed!-2000M/S reached->1000silver
BadAss-Kill 100 enemy's with a Corvette ship->5000silver
HYPER SPEED I-3000M/S reached with the Corvette->1000silver

Frigate Achievements:
Ship done-equip your Frigate ship->1000silver
Better Ship Better results-100 kills with the Frigate->5000silver
Wanted-Kill a D Type fighter->2500silver
Thats how i roll-15 units destroyed in 1 life->5000silver
HYPER SPEED II-3000M/S reached with the Frigate->5000silver

Destroyer Achievements:
Much better-100 ships killed with the Destroyer->10ksilver
HYPER SPEED III-3000M/S reached with the Destroyer-10ksilver

Cruiser Achievements:
Kill after kill-100 ships killed with the Cruiser->25ksilver
Ready to go-Fully equiped Cruiser->25ksilver
Thats the stuff-Have at least V Type ammo->10ksilver

Battle Cruiser Achievements:
Isn't that beautiful?-Fully equiped Battle Cruiser-50ksilver
Much better-100 ships killed with the Battle Cruiser
Need more enemy's->1000 ships killed with the Battle Cruiser

Thats pretty much it, hope the developers would like it, and if they want to change the rewards lower them or something but of course..This its only my OPINION..There can aslo be Premium benefits with the achievements like 50% bigger rewards but... of course if they want achievements... Sorry if my grammar its not perfect ^^ .;D

P.S. I will make a quest list that should be implemented but we will see...
2014-01-16 18:35:54
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хотелось бы в общих о чем это тут ???