2013-08-09 10:53:11
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InGame Missions Idea

Of course this game needs some quests.. And the Dev team wont like making any quest by hand so i was thinking in my 4 walls room of making an quest idea system (of course i dont know how to do it its just an idea).

Cargo transporting Missions (randomly choses the location)-Transport that thing to the trade station in...Mars (for example)After you've done that you will revience an reward.. and that will be like 1k experience and 2500 silver (for example)

Another quest would be killing units that you guys already have in the Corvette mission log but a random one.. For example youre on the Mars Factory You click on mission button and you chose from mission log or new mission(for example) And tells you to kill 3 A-Type fighters that should spawn like in North of the Map Or special quest areas

There can be aslo exploring missions that you have to go places with small rewards like 500silver..

Escort misions you have to export an ship to the trade station(for example) and dont let it get killed..

Alot of diffrend type of quests based on ship class can be implemented ;). Hope you like it :D.^^
2014-01-16 18:32:00
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офигенно! тока не хрена не понятно